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Payroll Funding
We are acutely aware of the financial and operational pain that businesses are experiencing right now. Violet has an innovative sovereign rated payroll funding solution to help businesses have an immediate cash improvement while encouraging job retention. With our solution, Governments can finance all payroll, sovereign rated, for every business regardless of size , industry, or credit rating over a number of months, avoiding bankruptcies and mass layoffs, while encouraging job retention. Violet is built on Microsoft Azure, with APIs for payroll for rapid global deployment.
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Our vision is to give companies the financial breathing space needed in times of hardship
Companies would not have to use their cash to pay their employees, instead Violet will pay the employees’ salaries/wages on the employer’s behalf over the deferred period.
Employees will experience no difference and will continue to be paid their wages at their regular pay cycle, e.g. weekly or monthly.
This will allow critical time and space for a business to stay afloat and maintain staffing levels during this period of hardship.
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