Employee benefits
Whether you’re an agency worker, permanent employee or have multiple employers, you can benefit from better control of your time and money by viewing your earnings and accessing your pay in real time.
Our services can benefit you
Better budgeting
We provide an intelligent budgeting tool that helps you manage your expenditures by tracking and spotting any patterns in your spending habits, while helping you avoid using costly overdrafts.
Financial wellbeing
Avoid more costly short term financing like overdrafts, credit cards, payday loan if you need to cover an unexpected bill.
Transparent Pricing
Real time work schedule management and real time view of pay is free. You only pay a flat subscription fee when you choose to access real time pay when you drawn down on your earned but unpaid wages
Your employer does not have the line of sight on whether you access your earnings before your paycycle or not. This is your money and you know how best to manage it.
Avoid Delay
Avoids time delay with fixing payroll errors as time capture and processing is in real-time.
Improved real-time collaboration with your employer(s).
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