Employer benefits
Our vision is to give companies the financial breathing space needed in times of hardship by providing our innovative off balance sheet solution. Companies would not have to use their cash to pay their employees. Instead, Violet will pay the employees’ salaries/wages on the employer’s behalf over the deferred period. We passionately believe that all businesses, whether with staff of 5 or 500,000 can receive the critical lifeline of immediate working capital improvement while continuing to maintain your quality talent by keeping them on payroll.
Our services can benefit you
Save time and resources
By standardising time you can remove manual interventions and processing errors in time and pay.
Realtime view and pay
Realtime integration with payroll and workforce management systems provides every user with an accurate representation of hours worked and money earnt.
Become the employer of choice
Become the employer of choice, our product is a differentiating factor in a tight labour market.
Working capital
Improve your working capital by deferring your entire workforce payroll for up to 90 days.
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