Agency benefits
Longer payment terms so that you can pay your talent in advance of getting paid by the contracting employer.
Our services can benefit you
Improve cash flow
Once your invoices are approved, you can be paid earlier than usual and avoid the usage of factoring at a heavy discount to your invoice, improving your cashflow.
Credit rating
Violet can help improve your cash flow, enabling you to reduce your debt thereby improving your credit rating.
Eliminate factoring costs
No need to use expensive invoice factoring. We can help you by offering up to daily pay to your talent and expediting the payment of your invoices, eliminating the need to factor.
Agency of Choice
Become the agency of choice by offering up to daily pay to your talent as a differentiating factor in a competitive labour market.
Realtime view and pay
Realtime integration with payroll and workforce management systems provides every user with an accurate representation of hours worked and money earnt.
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